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Mecalor Greasing System

Mecalor Greasing System
Mecalor Greasing System

The installation consists in 2 independent circuits:

  • a high pressure grease lube system on the TRACTOR,
  • a edible grease lube system on the HARVESTING HEAD.

Each circuit has an electric pump with its own reservoir (P1/P2). It provides grease, under pressure, to feeder (primary system), which are metering and delivering the lubricant to every lubrication point via secondary lines.

A control unit inside the driver cab, controls the greasing operation in 2 stages.

The control unit is factory adjusted to automatically ensure one lubrication cycle of the different lubrication points every half hour when the machine is working.

On the front of the unit, there is (from top to bottom) a MANUAL push button to start a lubrication cycle manually.


– automatic and regular Lubrication while the equipment is working.
– Appropriate lubrication on each greasing points
– No excess lubricant.
– No lubrication point forgotten.
– Longer life of bearings and chains.
– No pollution of the harvest.
– No more daily greasing time

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Washing circuit
- Flexible armed D50
- Aspiration, L = up to 8M
- Discharge, L = 2.5 M
- upper Lance, D25, L = 3M
- external Lance D25, L = 10M
- 2 stainless steel internal circuits, D35
- Up to 26 water outlets

Centrifugal pump
- Self-priming to start and phasing Quick coupling D50
- Flow 150 to 400 l / min
- Hydraulic drive with proportionalvalves control in the cabin

Make: Mecalor
Condition: New
Category: Greasing & Washing System
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