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Braud 9090XO Olive Harvester


The New Holland BRAUD 9090X Olive Series is designed for easy set up to work in different super-intensive orchards in the minimum amount of time for maximum efficiency. Built around proven BRAUD-designed DNA, the New Holland BRAUD 9090X features the flexible SDC shaking system with flexible rear rod fixation that softly shakes and detaches the olives, and the NORIA basket system that offers the best treatment for olive trees and harvested crop. A dedicated conveyor system and a high-performance cleaning fan designed for olives, resulting in improved cleaning and performance.

With six cylinders and an output of 175 horsepower (CV), the FPT Industrial common rail electronic engine of the BRAUD 9090X delivers more power and torque combined with 35% fuel savings on average.


The BRAUD Olive story began in 1996, with the introduction of the Saphir Harvester in Spain. Following its success, the first wide machine, the SB65, was launched in 2001 and designed specifically to work in the high plantation density of super-intensive olive orchards. Since then, BRAUD harvesters have consistently delivered the best harvesting quality and productivity in the demanding conditions of super-intensive olive orchard operations.


BRAUD 9090X Olive 2 Hoppers

Orchard type Super Intensive olive orchard
Engine 6-cylinder
Horsepower 175 hp (129 kW) (CV)
Hopper 1057 gal (4000 L)

BRAUD 9090X Olive Side Conveyor

Orchard type Super Intensive olive orchard
Engine 6-cylinder
Horsepower 175 hp (129 kW) (CV)
Hopper 528 gal (2000 L) + Side Conveyor
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  BRAUD 9090X Olive 2 Hoppers BRAUD 9090X Olive Side Conveyor
ORCHARD TYPE Super Intensive olive orchard Super Intensive olive orchard
Multifunctional olive harvester with Quick uncoupling Standard Standard
Type FPT Industrial FPT Industrial
Power ECE R120/ISO 14396 - hp [kW(CV)] 175 (129) 175 (129)
Cylinders / Aspiration 6 / Turbo with intercooler 6 / Turbo with intercooler
Compliance with emission level Tier 3 / Stage 3A Tier 3 / Stage 3A
Fuel tank capacity [gal. (L)] 66 (250) 66 (250)
Hydrostatic transmission with anti-skid system Standard Standard
Maximum steering angle (degrees) 90 90
Soft Shift Standard Standard
Front wheel torque limiter Standard Standard
Maximum slope (%) 35 35
Maximum lateral slope (%) 25 25
IMS - Intelligent management system Standard Standard
CDHA - Automatic height and lateral slope correction Standard Standard
Cruise control Standard Standard
Front tool carrier Optional Optional
Number of SDC shakers (std.) 42 42
Flexible rear shaker fixation Standard Standard
Quick coupling of the picking head Standard Standard
Hydraulic horizontal shaking rods spacing / quick shaker engagement Standard Standard
Sealed length of collection baskets [in. (mm)] 98 (2500) 98 (2500)
Number of collection baskets 2 x 71 2 x 71
Minimum harvesting height [in. (mm)] 6 (150) 6 (150)
Upper cleaning fans 1 1
Lower cleaning fans N/A N/A
Stainless steel hoppers [gal. (L)] 1057 (4000) 528 (2000) + Side Conveyor
Olive Equipment with front tunnel Standard Standard
Additional Shaking Optional Optional
Adjustable armrest & Multifunctional joystic Standard Standard
IntelliView™ III Touch screen Monitor + Color monitor for cameras Standard Standard
Cameras (color) 2 STD /+1 OPT 2 STD /+1 OPT
Narrow steering column and adjustable seat Standard Standard
Mirrors with electrical adjustment Standard Standard
Right mirrors retractable Standard Standard
Parking brake Standard Standard
Max. height with cab, harvesting head on the ground [ft. in. (m)] 14’ 3” (4.35) 14’ 3” (4.35)
Length max [ft. in. (m)] 19’ 7” (5.98) 22’ 1” (6.73)
Maximum width of base unit [ft. in. (m)] 10’ 3” (3.13) 10’ 3” (3.13)
Maximum width with harvesting head fitted [ft. in. (m)] 10’ 3” (3.13) 10’ 3” (3.13)
Ground clearance [ft. in. (m)] 7’ 10” to 9’ 2” (2.40 to 2.80) 7’ 10” to 9’ 2” (2.40 to 2.80)
Maximum hopper tipping height [ft. in. (m)] 10’ 6” (3.20) 10’ 6” (3.20)
Side conveyor width [ft. in. (mm)] N/A 1’ 6” (450)
Side conveyor lenght [ft. in. (m)] N/A 17’ 1” (5.20)
Maximum side conveyor unloading height, harvesting head on the ground [ft. in. (m)] N/A 13’ 9” (4.20)
Make: New Holland
Condition: Brand New
Category: Harvester
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